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San Diego Center for Vision Care

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2 of my children had reading difficulties and the therapy here was amazing. Even I have implemented some of the exercises in my daily life. Before letting anyone tell you your child has ADD or dyslexia, check their visual tracking!
- Lisa Pietron - February 07, 2019
San Diego Center for Vision gave my son the skills to overcome his challenges and to function as an adult without letting anyone know he had any challenges. When my husband was going to be deployed, Dr. Hillier worked on July 4th to write up the results of our son's testing and Dr. Hillier was the magic we were looking for. Not only did he know how to fix our sons vision challenges, Dr. Hillier was able to refer us to other experts. Our son went from being a good athlete to being a great athlete. And, the weekly exercises were changed up so they remained fun for our son.... and he did them without complaining.
- Mary Jo Ray - January 04, 2018

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About Us

Since 1944, this practice has continuously provided comprehensive vision care services to not only residents of San Diego County but to individuals seeking our care from around the United States and the world.

It started with Dr. Amorita Treganza in Lemon Grove. Since then, Dr. Robert Sanet, Drs. Carl and Melissa Hillier have carried on this tradition of helping people overcome visual problems that glasses, contacts and surgery alone can not resolve.

Many children with 20/20 eyesight have undetected visual problems that interfere with their ability to learn. Bright children, often labeled as hyperactive, lazy, or learning disabled, may actually have learning-related visual problems that don’t relate to 20/20.

When these visual problems are remediated, the child becomes a more efficient learner.  It is common to see a child who was doing poorly in school become a success and actually enjoy learning.


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7898 Broadway
Lemon Grove, CA 91945