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Optometric Center for Family Vision Care and Vision Therapy

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I have been going to Dr. Carole Hong for my adult eye care for ~ 5 years. I have a high prescription and need to see perfectly for my financial planning occupation. Dr. Hong really cares about the health of my eyes and ensures the prescription is as good as it can be to achieving my best eyesight. Now, my husband and 2 daughters see Dr. Hong. In the last year, my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with myopia (eyeball length impacts her vision). She created a plan to start with glasses to correct, however after a few months detected it was getting more aggressive so we agreed to try CRT lenses. CRT lenses are hard contact lenses worn at night which reshapes her eyeball and restores her vision. The morning after the first night we put the contact in, she could see and did not have to wear her glasses. This is really important for her since she's an athlete and needs her peripheral vision intact. We are SO grateful that Dr. Hong offered us this option - I had no idea it even existed! She just got her eyesight rechecked after using the CRT lenses for the past month and her eyesight is 20/15. Amazing!
- Lauri stutt - November 07, 2019
Dr Hong is a very kind, caring, & empathetic healthcare giver. She has an established Optometry clinic & offers a variety of services. Dr. Hong’s office is in a convenient location with an abundance of free parking. She is very knowedgeable & spends a lot of time during the initial evaluation, as well as during regular annual visits. Dr Hong has a flexible appointment schedule & sends out yearly reminders which I appreciate so that I don’t need to remember. Her entire staff is friendly & caring. She also offers eyeglasses & lens making services in the same clinic. Her office offers the latest technology in glasses or contacts.The staff in this office spends a lot of time helping to choose glasses or contacts & thoroughly explains the variety of options. The prices are very reasonable. Dr Hong also submits to insurance for reimbursement of services. I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapst & have been working in the field of Pediatric Occupational Therapy since 2000. I was very happy to find her so that I can refer my clients to her Vision Therapy clinic which is conveniently located in the same office space. All of my Occupational Therapy colleagues refer their pediatric clients to her, as well. Her Optometric & Vision Therapy services are top notch & very effective. I highly recommend her Vision Services.
- Trixie - July 12, 2018

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We are a full scope family practice that specializes in evaluation, management, and treatment of visual problems related to tracking, focusing, eye fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, an eye turn, lazy eye, and variable school or sports performance.

Our residency trained doctors can also help those who have suffered a head injury or stroke and those with developmental delays or special needs.

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57 El Camino Real
San Carlos, CA 94070