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Best medical decision I ever made to come here. The vision therapy I received since starting the end of spring has restored my eyesight and I couldn't be happier. At 45, I started having double vision. I've always worn contacts for being nearsighted with an astigmatism, and started needed reading glasses at 40. I kept telling my optometrist that things were just off for 2 years, especially at the movie theaters, or watching TV, driving, or a play.... and appeared to get worse, and had issues seeing 3D movies and pictures. I figured my prescription changing, but it never did change by much.  My vision went undiagnosed properly by my optometrist for over a year, so I first went to an ophthalmologist at sight MD since they are a huge practice across the state. They ran me through an hour of various testing through every cutting-edge machine they had. After getting an MRI to rule out something bad, I was told, its extremely rare what happened to me, so they gave me prism glasses as the way to fix it. I used them for a more contacts for me. A year later went back for follow up at sight MD again, who said it appears it's getting worse, only recourse is eye muscle SURGERY, which was frightening as there was only a 80% chance of success, and I could end up having to get repeat surgeries, or something bad could happen, it is surgery after all. After doing research, I came across vision therapy, that also claimed to have the same 80% success rate. I called back the opthamologist at Sight MD, asking them about vision therapy, which I felt was brushed off by them, they didn't know much about it, and certainly didn't push it as an option.. This place has millions of dollars of machinery, and thorough testing, with tons of patients walking in and out. Not a small operation by any means, yet they could only push surgery as the best , and main scenario for me or prism glasses as an option, and that option would soon fail over time. That's when I stumbled upon this office. I came in feeling a bit defeated, thinking I would need prism glasses for life with the highest power, yet optimistic and hopeful that this would work. The doctors are a father and son team who assured me that I didn't need surgery because I had full control of my eyes, that its a brain issue that was causing my eyes to cross, but no one knows why it happens. Their office is an unassuming house you would just drive by. Its filled with older machinery and tools, a big difference than the super high tech sight MD offices. Naturally, I thought, they may not be equipped when comparing the 2 offices. BOY WAS I WRONG. They had me do different exercises at the office once a week, which I also practiced at home every day. It was difficult and frustrating the first couple of weeks because my eyes just wanted to cross and see double without my prism glasses on. I kept thinking this is not going to work, but it's a process and takes time to retrain your brain. The doctors echoed that. I stuck with it every day, and every week going back to their offices, each time with enhanced exercises that were getting easier as time went on. Then one night I decided to go outside, and I could see... clearly - clearer than I have in over a year. I just looked all around my neighborhood and was tearing up because it felt like such a relief, like a huge weight was lifted. Even after going inside, I could see everything clearly. No eye crossing. That was about 2 months ago, and while not 100% perfect, I can confidently say that my vision is much better. I feel like I have my independence back. I'm thankful that I came across this office. Vision therapy is simple daily techniques that will retrain your brain and eyes to work together properly I do significant work on the computer, and always looking at my phone continuously through the day. Usually I sit in an office, which, the doctors, and others I have researched feel could be a strong reason why this problem has been more prodemoniant in recent years. Best decision I ever had was to come here.
- Jason Lazarus - November 01, 2019
- Alexis Jovel - July 24, 2018

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Drs. Arnold and Andrew Sherman specialize in the examination and treatment of children, high school and college students, and athletes. At Merrick Vision Therapy, we successfully treat all types of visually related learning problems, eye strain and focusing difficulties, lazy-eye, visual perceptual-motor skills, tracking, and eye-hand coordination and reaction time for athletes. Dr. Arnold Sherman was awarded outstanding sports vision optometrist for his efforts in the development and contributions to the field of Sports Vision by the American Optometric Association. Dr. Arnold Sherman is the founder and Director of the Sports Vision Center at the University Eye Center SUNY College of Optometry.

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