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At the recommendation of my occupational therapist, my son was evaluated by Dr. Bessler when he was in second grade. He was not reading or writing properly and could not copy or spell (his visual memory was poor) despite intense intervention. Additionally, he did not engage in any visual tasks (puzzles, word finds, or sports). Dr. Bessler identified his issues and recommended vision therapy. (He had 20/20 vision) We had vision therapy sessions twice a week for 16 weeks and practiced every day. (The practice is key to success! Parents who say it does not work may not be following through!). In four month's time he had astounding results! When she reevaluated him, she said he did not need more therapy. (I was willing to continue with more sessions, but Dr. Bessler said we would wait and see.) That was when I realized that she is not doing this for the money. She could have gotten more $ from me, but didn't! She truly had my son's best interest in mind and she was right! He never needed to return for therapy. He is now and successful college student! I am a teacher and when I see similar issues, refer students to her because of my successful experience. Dr. Bessler is an honest and wonderful practitioner! Many thanks to her and her dedicated staff for changing my child's life! I know he would have struggled for years without this intervention!
- Jen S - October 25, 2017
- Sara M - September 19, 2019

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Dr. Michele Bessler is a developmental optometrist that provides both the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems that are related to school achievement, ADD-ADHD, dyslexia, crossed and lazy eyes, eyestrain, myopia (nearsightedness), stroke, neurologic disease, and head injury.

Dr. Bessler is highly qualified and widely respected in her profession. Dr. Bessler is committed to providing quality care in which concern for the patient is foremost.

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