Whole Picture Health and Vision, Tanya Bloom OD and Larry Wallace OD Ph.D.

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"Be yourself and do not apologize" Gregory the Vision Guide and Mentor said to me. After a thorough screening of my eye sight by Larry Wallace, I started 'vision, movement and balance assignments. Sometimes there was a definite consistent agenda for me, but within the time there were new, fun, challenging and helpful to me, experiences. Gregory always checked to make sure safety was a priority, Some of the assignments were kinetic, for a preteen or teen those kinetic lessons would be a piece of cake! I knew I had to try, i was led to believe I could do the activities , and sometimes the actual co ordination of eyesight to movement was humorous, sometimes required my serious focus, but the goals of vision and balance were explained and I reached them! In my therapy timeline, I met with Dr. Bloom who evaluated my progress thoroughly and there was improvement in my vision and eye co-ordination. Gregory was always compassionate, with a bit of humor, and always encouragement. He was very flexible in developing new approaches to my eye sight problems and my balance and walking issues. I have to add that Linda is such an efficient, kind receptionist who set up appointments , was welcoming, and always upbeat when I entered the building. It may look like an older building; but inside there is purposeful, innovative, appropriate business, based on research but tailored to each individual going on daily. I highly would recommend children thru adults including retirees to experience Whole Picture Health and Vision in the vibrant blue and white building! 111 1
- Kathryn Cummings - September 18, 2020
We were extremely pleased with Dr Bloom and her office staff. Exceptional communication and customer service. Very welcoming and professional. Dr Bloom provided us with excellent advice and gave us thorough answers to our questions and concerns. Highly recommend !
- Steve Saggese - September 18, 2020

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About Us

Whole Picture Health & Vision’s mission is to diagnose and treat the most challenging visual problems by fostering collaboration across many different specialties including optometry, vision therapy, physical therapy, neurology and even functional dentistry.

Our motto is “See the whole picture; treat the whole person.”

We examine every angle of your unique situation when prescribing treatment so that you can live your best life through the least invasive and most holistic means possible.

Dr. Larry B. Wallace is a behavioral optometrist who has practiced for over 40 years in Ithaca, NY. He is the former President and current education director for the College of Syntonic Optometry, an organization dedicated to education and research in photo- therapy.

He is former President of the International Light Association. He is a certified low vision, and Postural Rehabilitation specialist and has invented and patented the first micro-current device to treat retinal disease.


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