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Gold Coast Performance and Dr. Ann are the answer you have been looking for if your child has academic or physical performance issues!!! I originally came to Gold Coast Vision Performance for the sports vision training for my son. He is a D1 baseball player, and had difficulty hitting ("seeing the ball") after sustaining an injury. After just 8 sessions, he's seeing and thus hitting the ball BETTER than he was before the injury! Witnessing these amazing results in such a short time with my son, I had my two daughters evaluated by Dr. Ann for school related vision issues. One daughter has historically avoided reading and writing, having difficulty with comprehension, sustaining attention while reading, and getting her thoughts down on paper. Her handwriting is difficult to read, she was getting headaches regularly, and she has always been "clumsy". My other daughter expressed having difficulty reading the board in school, getting headaches and tiring easily when reading. Dr. Ann assessed their vision needs through a comprehensive evaluation, and has created and implemented an individualized vision therapy program for each girl. Although my girls have only recently begun their vision therapy, they are already experiencing amazing results!!!! They are able to read and write without getting headaches, focus for longer periods of time on a page or board without extreme vision fatigue, and comprehension has improved dramatically!!!!! I have been a special education/reading teacher for over 15 years, working with students with reading, writing, attention, and physical difficulties. I know after seeing such dramatic results with my own 3 children, that comprehensive vision evaluation and therapy/training is definitely the missing piece to the puzzle for so many students that struggle in school...not to mention a way to significantly improve athletic performance and give your child and edge. I am enthusiastically recommending Gold Coast Vision Performance and Dr. Ann to all my family, friends, colleagues, and parents!
- Kristen Gunning - February 17, 2020
I have had a great experience with Dr. Annie Hanna at Gold Cost Vision Performance. The experience has been very professional and encouraging with my daughter. She has made huge strides to improve her reading performance. Dr. Hanna and her staff makes the therapy fun, engaging and positively encouraging! It is simply the best and fills a void for children who need help with their academic work! Also, everyone is super nice and friendly!!
- Anne Marie Bechand - November 04, 2019

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Gold Coast Vision Performance helps connect the dots between proper sight and functional vision through individualized, doctor-directed therapy sessions.

Ultimately, our goal for each patient is to achieve automaticity, or the effortless functioning of the visual system, in order to free up maximum attention for information acquisition and performance.

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