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My child received vision therapy at Ezra vision department. The office is clean, the staff are professional. There is no waiting time, and children are assigned particular time slots for vision therapy. The students and the medical providers are highly trained, professional, and take their time explaining and providing feedback to parents. The initial assessment done by Dr. Gelfond was thorough, detailed and helped me understand my child’s condition. The therapy helped my child improve their academic performance. After 4 months, my child’s grades, reading and focus level substantially improved. I am impressed with the facility and the quality care I received at Ezra. Strongly recommended!
- Reem Jaafar - November 22, 2019
had my eyes checked by Dr. Schwartz. Courteous and professional, and very thorough. Highly recommended
- Jake Sharp - January 28, 2019

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About Us

Ezra Medical is a multi-specialty health center providing care to adults and children.

The vision department provides comprehensive vision examinations and visual rehabilitation evaluations and therapy for a variety of conditions.

Vision therapy is for patients with developmental, acquired and/or congenital visual dysfunctions including: strabismus, amblyopia, oculomotor dysfunction, binocular vision dysfunction, as well as visual perceptual disorders.


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1312 38th St
Brooklyn, NY 11218