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This was the first time we had received constructive insight as to a root cause of ADD. Our son has definitely achieved a measure of control over his behavior through the program. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and very caring. They are sincerely all about the kids.
- R Jefferson Babbitt - February 05, 2020
My daughter began struggling in 4th grade. She went A's and B's to failing. Her teacher said she was being lazy, but I knew better. She became withdrawn and depressed. Our family eye dr confirmed there was a problem and referred us to Dr. Arthur Seiderman. After 9 months of therapy weekly, she was able to correct her vision. She was 10 yr old then, but is now 25, attended college and has absolutely no problems with her vision. We are very grateful that we pushed beyond an irresponsible teacher's comment and found the real problem - Over-convergence. You won't regret your decision... give it a try! Thanks to Dr. Seiderman and his staff! They are awesome! Special thanks to Becky, if she's still there!
- Linda Roser - November 17, 2017

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