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Dr. Sanford Cohen is beloved. That I can read again, that I know how to orient myself to the people and the things in the room, that I am aware of when and how to adjust, that I can work and study is because of Dr. Cohen's expertise. Gratefully, Leslie Greenblat Shah
- Leslie Shah - May 06, 2020
Dr. Cohen was very accommodating and professional. He really listened to my questions and I felt he truly sought to make sure his patients are comfortable and cared for.
- Lindsay Pearlman - August 27, 2019

About Us

Drs. Ely and Cohen provide routine and preventive vision care, vision rehabilitation and Vision Therapy. Our patients include children and adults with learning-related vision problems, attention deficit disorders, reading problems, pervasive developmental disorders, autism spectrum, strabismus, amblyopia, binocular disorders, traumatic brain injury, stroke and low vision resulting from macular degeneration and other eye diseases. During our evaluations we identify patient needs and discuss their goals. Treatment options include compensatory lenses, preventive lenses and vision therapy.

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