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Visual Learning Centers of America – Pikesville, Michael Kotlicky, OD

19 Walker Ave , Suite 300
Pikesville, MD 21208

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The doctor is great fun and knowledgeable! Even the Vision Therapy staff are awesome in everyway! Thank you all your support during my sessions there! Unfortunately however I do have chronic migraine associated vertigo which requires medication and the doctor was unsure if Vision Therapy could help and said so upfront. I was in denial of my condition and after 15 sessions I agreed that it didn't help and I'm undergoing other treatments. Thank you again Love, Rach, Brie for your kind words and support! The only request I have is to clean the VT equipment as the place is frequented by younger kids and the possibility of residual germs is quite high. :)
- Peter Kam - September 01, 2019
Dr. Kotlicky was very professional and informative. He ensured that I understood my diagnoses and recommended what I needed to do. He never forced any services from his office. I would highly recommend this office.
- BeautifulShortTemper . - October 05, 2019

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For more than 40 years, Dr. Michael Kotlicky has been helping patients of all ages improve their visual functioning and quality of life through Vision Therapy. Binocular Vision Disorders, such as Convergence Insufficiency, interfere with reading and learning, and impact ability to perform to full potential in school, sports and on the job. If a correctable vision problem is at the root of your difficulties, we can help.

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19 Walker Ave Suite 300
Pikesville, MD 21208