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Dr. Bermel is an expert in identifying and treating various Eye Diseases and Dysfunctions. Very knowledgeable and detail oriented in his approach to patient care. The staff is very friendly and a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend his Leesburg and Fairfax offices to others!
- Mike Dorn II - February 07, 2020
Dr. Bermel is a Rockstar doctor. If there is an issue you are suffering through, he is your guy. I have been to so many doctors over the past decade suffering with dry eye and lid inflammation{blepharitis} and was ready to end my life. My life was miserable. I saw doctor after doctor, ophthalmologists to dermatologists, dozens of each. Most started the conversation with "Did you change your laundry detergent?" and then me realizing I was wasting my time on another clueless doctor. I gave up for years, not knowing there were people like me who's quality of life had plummeted to just surviving a day to day existence. I found him by sheer chance searching for answers online, and called the office sobbing on the phone. I had come to the end of my rope, my eyes had ruined my life. Step in Dr. Bermel. So much understanding, so much care and treatment, now near a year later I feel so normal, no more suffering or issues and I have him to thank. He gave me my life back, and I couldn't be more excited to get back to living, and loving life. Feeling so blessed..
- Deby W - June 23, 2019

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Dr Bermel has been a practicing optometrist in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. Using state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment for dry eye and eye diseases, including retinal photography.

Dr Bermel has detected many medical diseases by doing detailed examinations of the eye.

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10640 Main St
Fairfax, VA 22030