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I’ve been seeing Dr Stephey off and on for the past few years for double vision. This is the most well informed specialist I have EVER met. He has tons of articles he offers to share. His passion for his patients can’t be compared. There are very few that specialize in this field. I was blessed. His bedside manners are impeccable. He is extremely compassionate and not in it for the money. He takes many insurances. I have Kaiser and it wouldn’t cover the visits so I paid out of pocket. The diagnostic evaluation fee is reasonable. He provided me the vision therapy program and even installed it in my computer. I was able to get overlays for my eye strain. He didn’t charge me anything for that. I was able to text this doctor directly. Very few specialists do this. This Doctor is God sent. For those who struggle with vision and academics, he is THE specialist. He’s well versed with IEP and the bureaucracy of the school system. He will fight tooth and nail to get the student what they deserve. Appointments are not hard to get. Just make sure to be on time. He’s fully booked and has patients back to back. Dr. Stephey thank you for everything, no words can describe how highly I think of your work.
- Bushra Akber - March 11, 2020
Dr Stephey is simply wonderful. He is exceedingly knowledge about kids and visual functional processing disorders, a field that many others don't know much about. He is also exceedingly helpful in navigating special education in regards to vision therapy. I'd give him 10 stars if I could!
- Katie Hickerson - September 13, 2019

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Dr. Stephey’s additional background in education contributes to his enhanced approach to vision-related learning and reading difficulties.

Dr. Stephey specializes in helping individuals with visual-motor problems, reading difficulties, and/or visual processing deficits. Dr. Stephey also offers Interactive Metronome to help his patients who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and other problems with motor planning and sequencing.

Dr. Stephey will check you for 20/20 vision and healthy eyes, but that is just the very beginning of the process. Beyond that exists an entire world of vision that helps you move, look, and listen in a fast, accurate, effortless, sustainable, age-appropriate, meaningful way.

When was the last time you had your “eyes checked”? Did you get your visual memory, eye focusing, eye teaming, eye tracking, motor planning, visual auditory, binocular dissonance, primitive reflexes, visual attention, visual motor, processing speed, and visual vestibular checked, too?

If you have undiagnosed or untreated vision problems, vision therapy combined with specific low-powered lenses and / or prisms can improve your ability to function in life. If you or your children aren’t functioning at optimal levels, even if you’ve seen optometrists for years, it’s possible you’ve got a hidden vision problem.

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208 Badillo St
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