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I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Blackburn he was comical, a bit nerdy (which I am, so it was appreciated!) VERY THOROUGH, and all around just had a great experience! This was my first visit to an optometrist in a VERY long time unfortunately and I'm glad I chose a great office to go to thru recommendation. I've suffered migraines that have really intensified within the past year so I was starting with my eye prescription first just to try to rule a few things out. He was VERY thorough throughout the exam making sure my vision was not a contributing factor. Noel was also great in the optical department helping to choose a stylish pair of glasses with all the bells and whistles! Very thankful to have had such a great experience and one HAPPY returning patient. Thank you!
- Chelsea Mutter - February 20, 2020
Waited an hour and 5 minutes to see the doctor. Finally got up and walked out. Zero communication. After 45 minutes, I asked and was told shortly. At the 55 minute mark, I was told, “3 minutes”. At the 1:05, I left. I am sympathetic to situations that arise, but if my wait is going to be delayed, then at a minimum of 20 minutes late, I should be given the option to continue waiting or an opportunity to reschedule. I had to make arrangements to leave work and schedule this appointment. My time is just as valuable as everyone else’s and I should receive the same respect that I give to the office. I will not return, nor will I recommend this practice elsewhere.
- Christine Eastburn - March 10, 2020

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Full service eye care center specializing in educating our patients on total eye health. We offer a wide spectrum of optometric services such as routine Eye Exams, Vision Therapy, Developmental Vision Rehabilitation and Optical Consultations. It is our mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality of vision care.

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