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Colin J. Kageyama, O.D., FCOVD – Los Altos

2225 Grant Rd , Suite 2
Los Altos, CA 94024

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About Us

Dr. Kageyama provides the highest level of care possible for patients with strabismus/amblyopia (lazy eye) or learning-related vision problems. His staff includes people with professional backgrounds in education, psychology, speech, and counseling. Their motto is to help their patients “bridge the gap between potential and success.”

Our optometric therapy practice is dedicated to the identification and successful treatment of a very special population of children. Children can develop numerous adaptations to cope with the discomfort of binocular vision dysfunction. These are adaptations that can affect a child’s ability to perform in reading and school.

This is a very large practice with over 3500 feet of office space, directed toward treatment approaches of:

  • Vision training
  • Developmental optometry
  • Neuro-optometry

We have two doctors working full-time in these areas. The doctors and the two long-term staff members have a combined experience of 55 years in this field and have personally done well in excess of 100,000 sessions of therapy in the past 34 years.

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2225 Grant Rd Suite 2
Los Altos, CA 94024