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128 West 13th St , Manhatten
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Dr. shapiro is knowledgeable, helpful and really caring. He does not just ask "which image is clearer?" he analyzes your situation thoroughly. He really listens to you and guides you. I would highly recommend him for anyone especially does with any vision complication,
- Aron Porges - October 31, 2019
My eye exam with Dr. Shapiro was excellent. I have never had a Dr.’s appointment as comfortable and informative as this one. My previous experience with an eye doctor was awful, but my visit with Dr.Shapiro doesn’t even compare. I received a very thorough, in-depth exam. I am highly impressed with his work and cannot say enough good things about my visit. I am so grateful to have had the chance to see Dr.Shapiro.
- Dea J - December 29, 2018

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About Us

Dr. Joseph Shapiro is highly respected in both traditional medical and alternative health venues. His advanced perspectives and pioneering efforts in the field of Vision Therapy have made him one of the country’s foremost Behavioral Optometrists.

He is presently the Director of the Center for Unlimited Vision in New York City where he treats both children and adults with difficult vision problems.

Dr. Shapiro — an expert in vision testing and Vision Therapy — is well-received in both holistic and traditional medical circles.

Dr Shapiro has served as a staff member of the Chiefs of Ophthalmology of Manhattan Eye and Ear and Lenox Hill Hospitals and has served as a staff member and clinical supervisor at the New York Light House Low Vision Service.

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128 West 13th St Manhatten
New York, NY 10011