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My 7 year old son saw Dr. Nate today and I will never take him anywhere else! He is ADHD and VERY busy but Dr. Nate and his staff were so kind and patient with him, taking the time to listen to him and explain every step of the appointment process. The office was clean and and they were very prompt (was seen within a few minutes of checking in). They were very thorough and had a lot of frame options for my little guy to try on! We drive over 30 minutes to get to this office but I would drive double that! Thank you, Dr. Nate & Bright Eyes Kids!
- Autumn Howell-Duvall - May 28, 2020
My daughter is 2.5 years old, and this was her second eye exam in her small life. It was the best experience! The doctor sang songs with her, made games out of the vision test and even included her stuffed animal on the fun. It was ok for my daughter to keep her eyes closed for the drops so the drops seep in. And she never cried! Last year at our previous eye doctor, she was screaming like crazy. I could tell my daughter was starting to bond with the doctor and was having fun. Selecting glasses there was so easy as well, it felt great to see them measuring the frames to her face. Really excited to have found this place! Very kid friendly, bright colors and decorated with cartoons, plus they kept the place clear of people by spacing out appointments during the pandemic. Definitely recommend!
- Cristina Bullon - May 26, 2020

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