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I took my 3 small children here for an eye exam. I had been for my own the week before at another one of their locations so I was a little familiar with the process and how long it would take. The doctors and staff were very helpful and my children saw their visit as a positive one. 2 of my children ended up needing glasses. At that time it was about 20 minutes before closing and since we were there I thought we stop in to look at frames for next time. I explained to them when we came in 4 people deep not to worry, we were just looking and would come back another time. The gentleman named Eric that was there to help said not to worry. He said that if we wanted to, we could go through the process today. I asked if he was sure, since it would surely be after closing and he said it was not a problem. He was very personable and friendly with my children who at this point had been very good for over 3 hours!!! I knew a meltdown could happen at any point but the process was fast and before we knew it we were out of there. This was a week before the Christmas holiday and we had frames back within 10 days. I recently got a letter in the mail that they were going to be Clakson Optometry soon but I hope they retain and take care of their staff, people make all the difference.
- Kim Marinelli - January 10, 2020
When I first went in I was pleased with the service on the phone Sylvia told me my insurance would cover %100 percent and I would have no out of pocket. Had my appointment then went to check out an I had a ballance of $38 dollars. I had photos of my eyes done and none of the desk staff, the eye doctor, or the technician that did the photos informed me that I had to pay out of pocket!!! I went IN FOR READING glasses. Today I get a call telling me that my glasses were there for pick up, so I sit there for close to 30 minutes on my lunch only to be told by Jeff that because I'm a new customer that he can't give me my glasses because of my ballance but couldn't have told me on the phone? That's a Benjamin in the photo! Told them i had a fine due Thursday. When I get off work tomorrow I will be flying a sign to raise the $26 that nobody mentioned until after the photos were taken. The sign will say " Bennett Optometry are holding my glasses that issurance has paid for because I am a new customer with a $26 ballance!" anything helps I will also be calling my insurance company and doing everything in my power to have then stoo payment as soon as this is posted. PS thanks for the 16 points on my next level of being a Google local guide.
- Mike Black - March 31, 2018

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The doctors of Bennett Optometry have partnered with Clarkson Eyecare!

Since 1979 Clarkson Eyecare has been joining forces with the most respected private optometrists in the country.

We were founded on the belief that our patients are our top priority, and we are proud to partner with Bennett Optometry to bring a new name in vision care to greater Ann Arbor.

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