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I suffered a stroke in June of last year that left me with double vision that later corrected to double peripheral vision. I had severe limits to how much my eyes could turn out and I would see double if I wasn't looking straight ahead. I was also turning my head off center to see correctly which can be a problem long term. My Neuro-ophthalmologist was skeptical about therapy but I pushed on knowing that I needed better vision even though the advice I was getting from my doctor was to wait. I found Alderwood Vision Therapy by word of mouth and got myself checked out by Dr Murphy. She was excited to help me get better and I was too. I decided to made the commitment to start a 12 week unit of Therapy. I was driving from Carnation to get there, so it was definitely a commitment for me. I did not really know what would happen at therapy, but I quickly learned it was not what I thought. I was working muscles in my head that I never knew I had. The therapy can be challenging, but it's very worth it! I worked with Chelsea every week and did my home therapy and the results were amazing! My right gaze peripheral double vision is almost completely gone! I have been retested after 12 weeks and I crushed it! My tests came back with amazing results. I did things the doctors said I could not do. I don't see double when I shave anymore and I continue to make progress. Now we are going to start another 12 week unit to see if we can get the same results on the left side. I would highly recommend Alderwood Vision to treat your vision issues. They honestly care about your outcome and they have the staff and tools to help you get better.
- Matt Deveny - February 05, 2020
Dr. Torgerson treated my daughter for vision therapy when it became clear in 2nd grade that something was hindering her reading. Excellent results! Dr. Torgerson is a true professional.
- Annie Young - February 22, 2020

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Specialized Vision Care Services include: Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluations, Binocular Vision Examinations, Visual Perceptual Assessments, Sensory Motor, Amblyopia & Strabismus Evaluations, Behavioral Optometric Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, Orthoptics, Sports Vision, Therapy for Visual Problems Affecting Learning.

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