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I cannot say enough about Dr. Rick, Miss Kathy, and the Academy for Visual Achievement. After a head injury and two years of on-again, off-again week to sometimes month long headaches, an overall "off- like"/dizzy feeling, and neck tension, I was lucky to fall into the hands of these kind and professional humans. Dr. Rick knows what he is talking about and helped to change my life for the better. His understanding of both brain and behavioral science helps a patient find lasting change. Through this process I have come to learn that while my Type A personality and perfection-like tendencies had served me well up until my head injury, these habits were no longer helpful post concussion and I needed to find a new way to approach life. While this was not an easy pill to sallow, Dr. Rick gave me the tools to change my habits in combination with exercises to strengthen the areas of my brain that needed it most. I can now say i'm headache, dizzy, and neck tension free! In all of this, Miss Kathy was a constant support by being a listening ear, a friendly "hello" every time I walked in the door, a scheduling queen to make sure my appointments worked for me, and now someone I consider a friend. Miss Kathy and Dr. Rick also have a way of making you laugh when you need it most. I'm forever indebted to these two in helping me over a big health and life hurdle and getting me back to feeling like myself again. The Academy for Visual Achievement is an amazing resource! Thank you.
- Drea Kasianchuk - December 17, 2019
Dr. Morris is incredible, personable, and has helped my 7 year old navigate through a diagnosed amblyopia condition. My son's eyesight is improving and we are thankful that he was recommended to us. Kathy is a beautiful person whose empathy and attentiveness makes this a great place to have an appointment as a parent and a patient (my son adores her). They are 5 stars all the way!
- Megan Shellman-Rickard - January 10, 2020

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We are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the visual system. Dr. Rick J. Morris, a board-certified behavioral optometrist, works with infants, pediatrics and adolescents in helping them achieve their maximum potential at home, school, and play.

With the use of lenses, prisms and therapy, the office guides children to gather and process visual information faster, more efficiently and with less energy.

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