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Optometrists.org - Since 1996
Our Award-winning Patient Education

We help optometrists by helping parents and patients who are seeking vision care and vision therapy on the web! We provide the public with registration-free advertising-free patient education, referrals, and links throughout our extensive system of affiliated sites, such as:

Thanks to our rich, inviting ADVERTISING-FREE content, popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and third-party websites give us optometric and vision therapy links and recognition without solicitation. Public visitor traffic and word-of-mouth continues to grow!

When you join our network, you sublicense the rights to use our proprietary patient education content. It can be incorporated into your web site. You can link to it. You can use copies in your collateral (website, in-office brochures, hand-outs, ads, etc.)! As long as you are a member, you are a sublicensee of our patient education content. Please don't hesitate to put it to use! See Member Resources -- Text & Links.

Why is Patient Education So Important?
Parents and patients have a strong need to seek trustworthy non-commercial health care information and endorsements from others who share the same intent. An independent report released by Pew Charitable Trusts in November 2008 showed that eight out of ten American internet users have looked online for health information. The number could even be higher now given the increasing use of internet search.

The health care consumer's strong need to know and the interconnectivity of Google and the web are such a perfect match that on-line healthcare communities and websites will continue to evolve regardless of whether professionals (in this case, optometrists) are involved or not.

If optometrists do not participate in the building of on-line medical communities, the evolution of eye care, vision care, and visual health services will be driven solely by consumers and commercial interests. By forming an internet network, optometrists have the opportunity to create an optimal educational experience, match patients with qualified eye doctors, and get feedback from patients.

And that's what we're about. Optometrists Network. Join us! Carpe diem!

Helping parents and patients since 1996.

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Full permission to use our text and links is included with membership. See Member Resources.

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