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Could your child benefit from Vision Therapy?


Learn all about Vision Therapy

Over 10 million children in the US suffer from functional vision problems. Vision therapy is an evidenced based program that retrains the visual system and improves the vision skills necessary for clear and comfortable vision.


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Everything you need to know about eye care— from choosing glasses to eye emergencies, and everything in between.

What our readers are saying:

Congratulations on an excellent website! As an orthoptist, I was very impressed by your presentation and manner in which you conveyed ocular motility and binocular vision information.

Rebekah Duyshart

Your referral came today and I am sending it on to my daughter in Key West, Florida via "snail-mail." I can't say THANK YOU enough, but this is a try. I do appreciate your efforts and services. Your website is most interesting and very well done. Congratulations.

My best to you, Helen Hebler
"Grateful Grandmother" in Texas

Without your web pages on the net, I might have never known just what was out there for me as far as a cure. I owe it all to you. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll never forget you. Keep up the good work!

Angie R. McCall-Smith

Your websites played a crucial role in giving us the courage to make our choice. I want you to know that over at ldonline's parenting bulletin board, I have referred countless parents to your sites for the vital education in visual issues you provide.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jenny Vecchio

Thank you for your quality site and for allowing us to include it in the KidScience Library at (now

Gayle Olson, Editor
Mining Company (now

I found your web pages to be very helpful. I also found a new Eye Doctor! Thank you so much.

John Hanses

I am a benefactor of both vision therapy and surgery. It was well worth the worry of surgery and the challenge of therapy. I see normally now. Just for the heck of it, I like to rent 3-D movies and watch them, because now I can actually see jaws coming out of the water toward me. I love the risk I took and I love the doctors who helped me!

Thanks so much for putting your sites out there.

Kellee Smith

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