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This page leads you to the current example of the OPTIONAL Free Template Web Site which is included with the annual Optometrists Network Membership Services package.

Click on the link below to see the new State-of-the-Art mobile-friendly website design that is available to any member at no additional charge. This website design must be hosted and maintained by Optometrists Network.

If you want to have another company to design and host your website, see the Custom Website Design page.

View the FREE Bonus Web Site Design below.

  • See Developmental Optometrists Dr. Neil Margolis and Dr. Paul Lederer in Chicago Metro area
    Designed by Optometrists Network. Our FREE template website is now a 2018 State-of-the-Art Mobile-friendly Website. Call 877-878-9540.

    RE: Addition of Custom Photos, Patient Forms, Links, etc. to the FREE Mobile-friendly Website
    Of course, each website must be updated with the individual practices' contact information, map/directions, doctor names, etc. In addition, a logo and unique photos can be added upon written request with the supporting materials. For additional customization beyond these essentials, please contact our office to discuss what you have in mind.

    Please call the office at 877-878-8750 to discuss what you have in mind. We can tell you what Optometrists Network can do for you. As of 2015, we have been assisting our members with mobile-friendly conversions of their existing websites to mobile-friendly designs. Call us at 877-878-9540..

    At any time of year, please telephone us at 877-878-9540 to discuss your options for updates to your website other than contact information only. We have a strict 30 days advance notice of change, transfer or cancellation policy for any account changes other than simple contact information (NOTE: DNS, nameservers or web host changes are NOT considered to be contact information).

    You may telephone Optometrists Network at 877-878-9540 (toll-free) with any questions you have.

    All of the content in this FREE website is copyrighted by Optometrists Network and you must be a current member to use it. Any current member can use this content in one third-party private practice website. To learn more go to Custom Design section.

    Please note that we provide web hosting and domain name registration management for our members only.


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