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Samuel C. Oliphant, O.D., F.A.A.O. Jennifer Brooks, O.D.
Advanced Family Eyecare

14000 Quailbrook Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Tel. (405) 751-7727 Email
Dr. Samuel C. Oliphant
Dr. Samuel C. Oliphant

We are honored you are considering becoming a part of our vision care family. Our commitment is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

As developmental vision specialists we do not see you as just "a pair of eyes" hoping to see "20/20." We take vision care to the next level, evaluating vision as the complex system it is. We go beyond the "traditional exam" giving consideration to your entire visual system (physical, functional and perceptual) and its affects on your daily activities and performance. In order to have maximum success with many school, work and leisure activities the visual system must perform at an optimal level. We are committed to provide you quality vision solutions to help you reach your performance goals.

Developmental vision care is useful to virtually all individuals. However, the following individuals will especially benefit:

Our practice provides the following services:

We understand each person who enters our office is a unique individual with specific needs and desires, therefore, we have no "standard" examination. Certainly there is a "standard component" to each exam (determining the visual prescr iption and evaluating ocular health) but this is only the beginning in providing superior vision care. Our examinations are "symptom and performance" specific. In other words, our examination procedures are based on the patient's complaints and desires and how their current level of visual function may be affecting their performance during academic, occupational, leisure and/or other activities.

Once we have determined any visual deficiencies and calculated the current level of visual function, we are able to begin working on a treatment plan. Many factors are considered during the treatment planning process... the most important being "where do we need to go and how do we get there?" Treatment could include glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy and/or the utilization of other optical devices and programs. Often there is more than one option available and the "pros and cons" of each are discussed in detail with the patient (and parents when the patient is a child).

Some patients are found to have "normal" visual function, but the visual demands of the tasks or activities in which they are involved require more. Simply put... in some instances, normal is not enough for maximum success. It is these patient's who are candidates for visual enhancement. Instead of treating a dysfunction we are enhancing visual function to meet the level re quired for success with visually demanding occupations, academic tasks and/or other activities.

Contact lens fitting and follow-up for infants, children and adults (all lens types including specialty lenses); laser vision c orrection (LASIK); treatment of eye diseases, infections and injuries; dry eye treatment; Surgical candidate evaluation, referral and surgical co-management; Optomapping (internal retinal surface and subsurface imaging); eyewear designing and dispensing; large inventory of superior quality frames and lenses; on-site optical lab.

Our practice works extensively with educators, therapists, other health care professionals, and parents, as well as the general public. We are committed to increasing awareness in the area of vision and it's potential impact on performance. To following is a brief description of a few of those special services, programs and events:

  • Vision and Learning Workshop: In depth, hands-on workshop designed to provide it's participants with an understanding of learning related visual problems and to provide them with the opportunity to personally experience what it is like to be a learning disabled child.
  • Private Lectures and Workshops: Scheduled by invitation. Various topics, time frames and presentation styles available.
  • Screening Techniques Workshop: Learn advanced developmental vision screening techniques participate in an actual screening to practice your newly acquired skills.

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!
Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which
affect symptoms of visual problems which
affect reading, learning, school and sports success.

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