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Optometrists.org - Since 1996
Links -- Links -- and More Links!

Our Links Can Lead to You!

What attracts the public and keeps them coming back for more? Meaningful and informative content with useful links!

Since 1996, we've been building out an extensive network of interconnected patient education web pages with links and directories that give free referrals to expert optometrists. Thanks to twenty years of continous high integrity publication of trusted content and links, Optometrists Network has earned and holds the public's interest and goodwill!

Optometrists Network continues to maintain expert status as THE internet authority on numerous optometric eye health topics! We are the international optometry experts. Join us to be found as the local optometric expert.

When we say "links, links and more quality links", we mean it. Review this page to find out about the many links we provide to our members.

Internet Links from our Network Websites to the Member
Links to our many advertising-free patient education websites show up all over the web for important targeted searches at Google, etc. A seeker can click through to find our members from our MANY top ranking patient education websites. When you are doing sample Google searches, look for any of these Optometrists Network websites in your results:

To repeat, our advertising-free patient education and referral web pages appear in the first #1 - #4 Google page rankings (search results) for many important keyword searches.

Health information seekers show a preference for unsponsored, unpaid links (not ads) for health care information because they are skeptical that commercial sites will provide unbiased information.

If you would like to review a slide presentation with sample results, call 877-878-9540.

Thanks to our rich, inviting content, third-party websites grant us links and awards without solicitation. Traffic and word-of-mouth is constantly growing in our network! It is sustainable and regenerative.


Links to Your Listings and Links from Your Listings to Your Website
All network patient education web pages are linked into at least one of our FIND AN OPTOMETRIST Directories which provide the public with immediate FREE referrals for Optometric Eye Care and Vision Therapy. See:

  1. FIND AN EYE DOCTOR on a map;

  2. Find a VISION THERAPY or VISUAL REHABILITATION EXPERT by City or Country name or

  3. Find an Optometrist by State or Country.

Helpful visual health information coupled with immediate free referrals to quality optometric care is the perfect WIN-WIN for patients and optometrists alike. Our links translate into more effective service for both you and the public!

Don't compare our directory listings to other Internet referral directories which list your contact information only and do little else. The public is searching for useful, helpful information on the Internet. Meaningful patient education and content attracts and satisfies the public and they are your prospective patients!


Network Links TO Your Website
Your directory listings are linked to your website! After visitors receive a referral to your practice, they can click through to arrive at your website. This puts the personal face on the free patient referral to the optometrist.

Your listing in the Members section at optometrists.org links directly to your website. People (including current patients and colleagues) can find you there easily without having to give their name or email address.


Links FROM Your Website
Take a look at the links page that comes with your website. It's huge! We have been developing and collecting links to patient education and optometric web pages since 1996. All these links are available to you as a member of our network.

We can remove or add outgoing links from your website at your request (this is included in the annual membership fee). Members: please submit your link requests in writing using your designated members-only contact information (mail, fax or email).

It is important to understand that -- thanks to these links -- your website can make you the source of a large amount of useful patient education. Tell prospective patients, current patients, etc. to go to your website to learn about visual health. The public will identify this generous public service with you personally -- not with the network at large!


Links with Optometric Organizations
Our network has established links and cross-links with several important optometric organizations. Some optometric organizations have also given us permission to reprint their copyrighted materials within our network. When you join our network, you will be linked into valuable proprietary optometric organization information.

One listing = 100s of links

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Get your optometric practice and website linked into Optometrists Network! Optometrists join our network to be found on the internet as the local expert and/or to use our content.

Full permission to use our text and links is included with membership. See Member Resources.

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