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Powerful Member Benefits

Here's how joining the Optometrists Network delivers practice growth:

  • Maximized SEO for keyword searches
  • Effective domain authority
  • Hundreds of pages of up-to-date content
  • Engaging and patient friendly format
  • Modern user experience
  • Convenient Find an Eye Doctor directory
  • Comprehensive profile pages
  • Direct Appointment Requests
  • Membership is only $99/mos and is covered by just ONE new patient
  • No annual fees

The A-Z of Eye Care

The Optometrists Network is the most comprehensive collection of eye care content on the internet with over 2,000 pages on:

  • Primary and pediatric eyecare
  • Vision therapy
  • Dry eyes
  • Eye conditions
  • Optical and contact lenses
  • Myopia management
  • Neuro-optometry
  • Sports vision
  • and more (just ask)

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How The 'Find an Eye Doctor' Directory Works

Our goal is help you help more patients

Our 'Find an Eye Doctor' directory allows patients to find you with an engaging and topical profile page. AND our unique profile page allows patients to directly request appointments! Your comprehensive and modern profile page, with powerful backlinks (for SEO purposes) to your office website, includes:

  • Name and logo
  • Call tracking phone number
  • Dr's bio
  • Google reviews and map
  • Appointment Request form
  • List of services ... and more

More Eyes On Your Practice

So how do we reach so many local patients, and help you deliver to them the latest evidence-based information on eye care specialties and vision therapy? By being an SEO powerhouse. The Optometrists Network owns several powerful domains which all direct a significant volume of traffic to the site, including:


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