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Dr. Alona M. King, FCOVD

Behavioral Optometrist
Board Certified: Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation


For expert vision care in Idaho Falls contact: Dr. Daniel G. Nielson
Idaho Vision Development Center

1536 Midway Avenue
Ammon, ID 83406
208-227-8822 (tel.)

Specialty Vision Practice with Specialties in:

  • Pediatric Optometry
  • Vision Therapy
  • Sports Vision
  • Co-Management of Post Cataract Patients

Dr. Alona King has retired from private practice after 45+ years of providing primary and specialized vision care in Idaho Falls. Dr. Kings is currently teaching and working with schools in Idaho Falls.

To find the same type of speciality vision care, including vision therapy and visual rehabilitation, see Dr Daniel G. Nielson in nearby Ammon, ID.

Just as Dr. King did, Dr. Daniel G. Nielson specializes in pediatric vision care and special needs eye care -- the evaluation and treatment of visual performance problems for infants, pre-school, school-aged children, seniors...all ages. Individualized in-office vision therapy programs and home programs are provided to eliminate problems with lazy eye, strabismus, eye tracking, eye focusing and eye convergence problems and many other eye problems that can not be corrected with drugs, surgery or glasses alone.

Patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury (i.e., concussions, head trauma, etc.) or acquired brain injury (i.e., stroke) are also treated regularly.

Dr. Nielson has a referral practice and does not provide primary eye care, such as glasses or contact lenses

Dr. Nielson welcomes the opportunity to serve you and encourages you to call her office with your concerns and questions. Telephone 208-227-8822.

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Please note: many parents search the net for a pediatric ophthalmologist to help their child with vision problems such as lazy eye, convergence insufficiency, eye tracking and eye teaming problems, strabismus, etc. Dr. Nielson is the pediatric optometrist in Idaho that can help children with strabismus or other pediatric vision problems! Parents often misspell ophthalmologist as opthalmologist or optalmologist.