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And Welcome to the Web site of Dr. Gushiken....

Dr. Clayton Gushiken has been providing Vision Therapy in Honolulu, Hawaii to patients of all ages for over thirty years. He has helped thousands of students improve their reading, learning, organizational and homework skills with this treatment specialty. Vision Therapy works!

There is a wealth of "vision therapy" information available here. Please feel free to access links to vision education pages on the left hand side of this page. This ad-free information have been kindly provided to the public by optometrists.org.

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    Reading, Eyesight and Vision

Reading is a complex task requiring adequate language abilities, visual skills, cognitive abilities, intrinsic motivation, supportive parents, and pedagogy.

Vision is a complex sensorimotor system.

A behavioral optometrist (also known as a developmental optometrist) knows that vision plays a pivotal role in reading ability. Dr. Gushiken of Honolulu, Hawaii utilizes state-of-the-art therapeutic knowledge to help his patients become better readers, better information processors, and better thinkers.

    How does the Treatment Differ from Opthalmologists?

Clinically, a behavioral optometrist prescribes lenses differently than opthalmologists and other optometrists. His lens prescribing aims at improving visual function, performance, ease and comfort.

When visual dysfunctions are more involved, a behavioral optometrist prescribes Vision Therapy (please see "What is Vision Therapy?" or "Therapy Procedures").


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