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My time here at WOW Vision Therapy has added only but goodness and richness to my life. I am forever thankful for the therapy I received and blessed by the success that I've accomplished. Though the double vision wasn't enjoyable, the therapy truly was - to the extent that I actually looked forward to my weekly appointments. Collin, my therapist was invaluable to my training - a wealth of knowledge, interwoven with genuine empathy, sincerity and passion. He believed in me which helped me believe in myself. His deep knowledge of vision coupled with his ability to breakdown this information in a way that I could truly understand helped empower me to do what was needed to confidently execute proper vision. I can now go the entire day without double vision, without straining and finding ways to compensate for the debilitation. I have a new pair of prism glasses that keep my vision single day through night. I would highly recommend WOW Vision Therapy to anyone struggling with their vision.
- Faren Marie - March 07, 2021
Hannah has struggled to read, to keep her place in books, and to retain what she has read. In her initial evaluation at Wow, we discovered her eyes weren’t converging properly, along with a few other issues. It was an immediate confidence booster for her to know she wasn’t dumb and that something could be done to help her. She was faithful in doing her exercises at home. Today she is reading so much better! She’s able to keep her place ad remember what she read. In fact, her freshman year of high school I was reading her history book to her and typing up her homework with her at the beginning of the fall. By the start of the 2nd semester, she was reading a 20-30pg chapter, answering 15-25 questions, writing a short response to a video AND writing a 300-word essay EVERY WEEK completely on her own!! Most important to us, she feels better about herself and school is so much easier. Her therapist, Julie, did a great job working with Hannah. She checked in with us frequently and was very proactive in working on areas that were important to Hannah. Julie was also very sensitive to the fact that Hannah is shy and quiet. Hannah felt very respected and encouraged.
- Brigette Gless - February 04, 2021

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At Wow Vision Therapy, our patients experience a highly personalized approach with each session one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision.

During treatment, our doctors and board-certified vision therapists apply state-of-the-art technology and procedures, making treatment enjoyable and productive. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. This methodology allows our patients to develop their visual abilities and improve daily living in the classroom, the workplace, and in sports

Specialized Vision Care Services include: Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluations, Binocular (Two-eyed) Vision Examinations, Visual Perceptual Assessments, Sensory Motor, Amblyopia & Strabismus Evaluations, Behavioral Optometric Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, Orthoptics, Sports Vision, and Therapy for Visual Problems Affecting Learning.

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c205 3152 Peregrine Dr NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525