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WOW Vision Therapy Center – St. Joseph

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My daughter had a great experience with WOW Vision Therapy. She used to struggle with school work and staying focused on tasks. That has changed dramatically with the help of WOW Vision Therapy. She no longer gets headaches and motion sickness in the car either. This is our second child that WOW Vision Therapy has helped and both times has been life changing. We can’t thank them enough!
- Melanie Nekola - April 01, 2021
Wow Vision Therapy has been life-changing for our family. Several of our children have gone through therapy for oculomotor dysfunction and convergence insufficiency and the results have been transformative. Most recently, our seven year old completed a course of therapy. He went from barely being able to identify his letters or form recognizable shapes on paper to reading independently and drawing pictures. He went from not being able to catch a football to consistently beating his older brother. He went from being a kid who always said "I can't" to one who is willing to try because his eyes and brain are finally working together the right way. My other son went from being a child who cried when I asked him to read with me to one who will get lost reading for hours, from hating school to enthusiastically sharing new things he is learning. The work Dr. Fortenbacher and his team are doing is incredibly important, and there is no other group like them in this area. My children's struggles in school weren't immediately noticeable to their teachers or doctors. Our eye doctor failed to recognize the issues my son had. The message we received in each instance was to be patient, that the child was trying hard, and that eventually it would click. Perhaps they would have been able to get by in school without intervention, but it certainly would have worn them down to continue to have to put forth so much extra effort with poor results. I am so glad we found our way to Wow Vision Therapy. Vision therapy is an investment of time, energy, and money, but for us the results were absolutely worth it.
- Lisa DeLorenzo - March 04, 2021

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At Wow Vision Therapy, our patients experience a highly personalized approach with each session one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision.

During treatment, our doctors and board-certified vision therapists apply state-of-the-art technology and procedures, making treatment enjoyable and productive. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. This methodology allows our patients to develop their visual abilities and improve daily living in the classroom, the workplace, and in sports

Specialized Vision Care Services include: Neuro-Optometric Vision Evaluations, Binocular (Two-eyed) Vision Examinations, Visual Perceptual Assessments, Sensory Motor, Amblyopia & Strabismus Evaluations, Behavioral Optometric Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, Orthoptics, Sports Vision, and Therapy for Visual Problems Affecting Learning.

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2908 Division St
St Joseph, MI 49085