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Vision Therapy Academy, Ann Wonderling OD FCOVD

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I owned the Sylvan Learning Center in La Crosse for 18 years. In all my interactions, I only saw positve (life changing) results from this center. Through the years, I heard a lot of good things, and a lot of bad things about this center. Those that had actually used the service loved it, and every negative review came from people that had never used their services. In 2014 that streak was broken. I had a client come to me and say that they used the service but that it was a waste of time and money. I was shocked by this because I had not heard this from someone that had actually used them. However, upon further questioning, I discovered that they had quit after three weeks because it was too expensive. This is not a magic shop. Results take time. If you need this service, commit and see it through. . I sent this family back to VTA because a learning center can never fully resolve a reading problem that is rooted in vision difficulties. On a personal note, my wife went through this program at the age of 46. Importantly about two months before she completed her therapy she became frustrated and wanted to quit. I asked her to see it through and I am so glad that she did. I remember her coming upstairs ater completeing this program and being amazed that she had read for an hour and was not tired. She said that her whole life reading would put her to sleep in less than 15 minutes. I wish that her parents had known that she had an issue with this and that it could have been fixed in kindergarten. An issue like this can result in poor performance and make a kid feel bad about themselves. Unfortunately, when a child gets to this point emotionally, low performance becomes a reality unless they are shown real success. I trust this center and Dr. Wonderling completely. If she tells you that your child needs help, just do what she tells you to do. Also, if you or anyone involved in a decision is the skeptical type (as i am) It is critical that you take the time to attend your childs evaluation. The problems become very clear. A decision like this is a big one and honestly if both parents are involved in this decision, both parents really need to be there.
- Lorne Nix - February 26, 2018
- Nicole Miller - June 28, 2019

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About Us

Vision Therapy Academy is dedicated to improving the efficiency of one’s visual system.

We commonly work with patients with vision related learning problems (learning disabilities related to visual deficits), acquired brain injury and/or TBI, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorders and high functioning and high performance athletes to improve all of these types of individuals quality of life.

At Vision Therapy Academy, we train the eyes and the brain to work together. When they’re not, a number of problems can arise. It isn’t always about seeing well, but can also be about focusing, eye coordination and tracking. It takes 15 different visual skills to get information from your eyes to your brain.

Better Vision, Better Future!

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Ste B 3424 Mormon Coulee Rd
La Crosse, WI 54601