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Vision Care and Therapy Center: Janna Iyer, OD FCOVD

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We brought my son here after a recommendation from our OT as we were trying to determine why my son was struggling some in school. We did the full developmental exam and it was fascinating to see how the different exercises were able to show where my son was not seeing, tracking or focusing. We followed with therapy for the summer. We did the required home exercises every day as prescribed and the results were amazing. His improvements were huge and his reading and school performance followed suit. We were very impressed with the quality and success of therapy at this office.
- T Baker - May 19, 2016
As a mother to a child with Autism I have a lot of experience dealing with doctors and therapists. The experience here was less than ideal. Before all appointments for my son I call ahead and ask for insurance codes they will be using so I can check with my insurance about coverage prior to the appointment. The receptionist was difficult to deal with from the start with the simple question of "what are the codes you will bill for this exam". I continued on to the appointment. The office is nice, new and up-to-date. The Doctor did an excellent job and was very knowledgeable. That is the only good thing I have to say about this practice. The office staff went down hill from there. They would not allow me to attend my son's appointment with him. He has autism and is in speech, occupational, aqua, and physical therapy and I've never had a therapist tell me I could not attend with him for the first session but this vision therapist did. To make a long story short: I dealt with the office staff on a regular basis for two months about their billing process. They originally refused to send my bill to my vision insurance. They hounded me for payment even though they knew I was in the process of working through discrepancies with my insurance companies. My vision insurance paid the contracted amount and although they accepted their check and cashed it, they did not accept their contracted amount and tried to tell me I had to pay for the overage of the contracted amount. I hate that I had such a bad experience because the location is convenient, the office is nice, the Doctor is good. I would suggest Dr Iyer train her staff a little better so others don't have the same experience that I did.
- Kerry Gwinn - March 18, 2016

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About Us

Our practice focuses on vision therapy, rehabilitation, and pediatric eye care.

Our eye exams aim to detect binocular vision problems and vision problems that go beyond seeing 20/20. Our goal is to ensure you or your child has all the visual skills needed for success.

Our doctors and our highly trained vision therapists treat patients with a wide variety of visual conditions including: poor reading and/or tracking, poor visual perception and/or dyslexia, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, convergence insufficiency, binocular vision dysfunction, dizziness, brain injury, concussions and strokes.

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100 12020 Etris Rd
Roswell, GA 30075