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He's better than the Mayo Clinic! I seriously cannot recommend Dr. Les enough. To make an incredibly long story short: I had symptoms appear out of nowhere and no doctor could figure it out. A year later, my vision suddenly doubled. It's a mystery to all involved and I end up at Mayo. They're finally able to give me a pseudo-diagnosis (unspecified unsteadiness and Convergence Insufficiency) but the exercises they give me to fix things did nothing and I was basically told that this was just my life now. Months of suffering later, a desperate google search led me to Dr. Les and FINALLY I felt like I was talking to someone who really knew what was going on with my eyes. He created a treatment plan specifically tailored to my issues/progress and helped me understand what my eyes were doing and why. All exams were in-house and he even had special lenses made for my glasses. All that PLUS he charged literally thousands of dollars less than a similar vision therapy provider I looked into. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that by the time I saw Dr. Les my eyes made it hurt to exist. I couldn't handle screens or bright lights. I couldn't be in visually busy environments - just going to the grocery store or target was unbearable. Worst of all, I couldn't even watch my husband throw our kids into the air or spin them around. I suffered for more than two years because not a single medical professional from any field could tell me how to get better. It took Dr. Les 16 weeks to reduce my symptoms to basically nothing. Dr. Les literally gave me back my quality of life. He is the help you've been looking for!
- Nadia Elnagdy - March 30, 2021
Life Changing Experience! After many years of increasing anxiety while driving, I decided it was time to do something as it was affecting my ability to perform daily and necessary tasks. I completed a survey to see if my symptoms might be related to a misalignment of my eyes. Within hours of completing the survey, I was contacted by Dr. Alsterlund who immediately set up a phone consult to discuss my results. He decided that I was a likely candidate for this dysfunction and I am so glad I reached out. This is a specialty of Dr. Alsterlund. I am so grateful. After a thorough and comprehensive eye exam ( including a regular eye exam), he did diagnose me with a misalignment and prescribed special prism lenses that would aid in my eye's ability to focus. I am currently 5 weeks in with my new glasses and am ecstatic. I can see, really see! While driving was my main concern, I find that my eyes are less tired, I can see with more clarity than ever before, and my anxiety level has diminished greatly. I was born with this, didn't know it, and let the side effects consume me for far to long. I have my independence back! The whole process has been amazing, from consult, to diagnosis, to getting my glasses from the lab. I strongly recommend Dr. Alsterlund to any adult who experiences anxiety while driving, reading comprehension, vertigo like symptoms or experienced learning challenges as a child and has trouble with their eyes focusing. It has been a life changing experience on a multitude of levels. I don't walk with my head down, don't bump into things as much, feel confident completing tasks, and can see crystal clear. I had no idea what I was missing. If you are scared about the cost, don't be. I thought it was going to be very expensive without insurance ( my insurance didn't cover) and it wasn't. So reasonable and well worth the out of pocket expense. Compassion, caring, and communicative every step of the way! THANK YOU!
- Kelli Coller - January 16, 2021

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Unique optometric practice specializing in Vision Therapy and proper vision development.

Dr. Les Alsterlund provides an in-depth visual evaluation that examines eye movements and localization skills, eye teaming, focusing skills, and visual information processing.

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