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We have been seeing Dr. VanHoy for a few years. I feel that she is in the very best hands and in the care of a very knowledgeable professional. I would not take my daughter anywhere else.
- Kristine Towns - March 29, 2021
Dr. VanHoy is absolutely amazing! My daughter suffered with an undiagnosed vision problem for four years. We saw numerous specialists but received the same answers, essentially “we have no idea what is wrong, you’ve stumped us, hopefully she will just grow out of it, come back next year for another exam.” Needless to say this left us frustrated and feeling helpless as her vision problem made schoolwork harder and harder. My own ophthalmologist suggested I take my daughter to Dr. VanHoy, a behavioral ophthalmologist. Who even knew that was a thing?! I was encouraged right away by Dr. VanHoy’s optimism in being able to help us. Our first appointment was about three hours long, and my daughter was physically and mentally exhausted afterwards. We left with multiple diagnoses, a prescription for glasses with lens that would help correct her specific issues and a plan going forward. A couple months later, the glasses have been helping correct her vision and we have added light therapy. Dr. VanHoy has been a godsend for us! I’m furious that none of the specialists we saw even thought to suggest a behavioral ophthalmologist.
- Kara Burtner - January 27, 2021

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Vision Therapy specialty practice.

Dr. VanHoy works with other vision and health care professionals to consider all aspects of wellness and design the best lenses and treatment programs to serve each patient’s unique visual and health care needs.

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#170 9302 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46260