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128 W 13th St, Manhattan
New York, NY 10011

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About Us

At Clearvue Eye Care, we use the latest technologies to help our patients maintain healthy eyes and optimal vision. Our comprehensive examinations test for cornea disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, macular disease, retinal diseases, and dry eye.

We perform a thorough binocular vision work-up to help us determine our patients’ need for syntonic light therapy and vision therapy.

At our Center for Unlimited Vision, we treat vision problems that typically go undetected, are misdiagnosed, or ignored.

We believe the eye care system is broken because saying that 20/20 vision is “perfect” vision is an absolute myth.  It fails to identify your visual welfare because it fails to identify issues with eye movement, eye coordination, depth perception, eye muscle strength, focusing ability, peripheral awareness and a host of other necessary skills.

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128 W 13th St, Manhattan
New York, NY 10011