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About Us

Buffington Optometry, LLC welcomes patients of all ages including infants and seniors. Dr. Kate Buffington specializes in diagnosing and treating learning-related vision problems such as lazy eye (amblyopia), eye turns (strabismus), eye teaming problems, focusing problems, tracking deficits, and visual-perceptual deficits.

  • Vision Therapy
  • Sports Vision Correction and/or Improvement
  • Treatment for Binocular Vision Conditions
  • Treatment for Learning-Related Vision Problems
  • Treatment for Stress-related Visual Problems
  • Visual Rehabilitation for Patients with Special Needs

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  • Free Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Our Team

Dr. Kathleen Buffington O.D, FCOVD

Dr. Kathleen Buffington, O.D, FCOVD

Dr. Buffington has been practicing for over 22 years since graduating from University of Missouri St. Louis School of Optometry and getting her license to practice in Wisconsin