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We have been extremely happy with the vision therapy program provided by 4D vision gym. We first found 4D after my daughter suffered a concussion that affected her vision. Her vision therapy sessions have helped tremendously, and she is currently still in therapy. I decided to send my son to vision therapy after reading their literature about how vision issues can affect reading comprehension, the ability to copy words, etc. My son has gone for a number of months and has completed the program. His reading comprehension has gotten better, and he no longer misses letters when he copies words. The vision therapy program has also resolved an issue he had with his depth perception. Whenever he was sick, his eyes could not focus and things would appear closer or further away than they should. The vision therapy has resolved this issue, and we have not seen it reoccur. We love the staff at 4D and are so thankful to have found them.
- Michelle Dauch - March 06, 2020
The staff at 4D Vision Gym are beyond AMAZING!! The Doctors are knowledgeable, the Vision Coaches are some of the most patient people I’ve ever met & every single staff member is friendly, competent & committed to each client. The work they do as 4D Vision Gym has helped my son so much. I could not recommend this place anymore highly!!
- Jaime Rodriguez - April 23, 2020

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4D Vision Gym is a leading-edge Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT) practice that specializes in treating and empowering patients to overcome vision-related academic, athletic, and occupational challenges, as well as vision impairments due to brain injury or stroke.

Whether struggling with poor reading comprehension, low work productivity, or slow reaction time on the field, 4D Vision Gym’s elite team of Board Certified Optometric Vision Therapists works with each patient in developing an individualized vision therapy program to correct their specific vision issues.

From a patient’s initial functional vision assessment to the completion of their individualized vision therapy program, 4D Vision Gym offers patients a highly-effective non-surgical treatment path to enhancing their vision performance and improving the way they see, function, and thrive on a daily basis.

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181 Shunpike Rd
Cromwell, CT 06416