Expert Eye Doctors in Los Angeles Metro Area

Expert Eye Doctors in Los Angeles Metro Area

Neuro-Developmental, Pediatric, and Rehabilitation Optometrists

Dr. Albert Chun FCOVD

Lawrence Yu O.D.

Albert Chun O.D., FCOVD - Primary Care, Developmental and Pediatric Eye Care and Neuro-Rehabilitative Vision Care

Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) following submission of case reports and passing a rigorous written and oral examination. COVD is the organization that serves as the certifying body of optometrists specializing in Vision Development.

In 1996, Dr. Chun received his certification for the use of Therapeutic Pharceutical Agents when the State Board of California began allowing optometrist to treat medical eye conditions with drugs.

Dr. Chun keeps abreast of the latest technologies in the eye-care field. Currently, he is trained and credentialed to provide counseling and pre- and post-operative care for laser vision patients. South Bay Optometry is a proud affiliate of the network of providers for NVision Laser Centers. Dr. Chun is also certified in the fitting and management of overnight orthokeratology lenses for the correction of myopia.

Dr. Chun is well respected and recognized among his peers having served on the local optometric association board for over 10 years. In 1991, Dr. Chun served as President of the South Bay Optometric Society.

Dr. Chun's dedication to his profession is only rivaled by his dedication of service to his community. Serving as an active member of the Torrance Lions Club since 1987, Dr. Chun has received numerous awards such as The Lion of the Year Award in 1990, the Robert M. Sinsky Award, and the City of Hope Life Sustainer award in 2000 for his years of service to the organization and his community. In 1997 and 2008 Dr. Chun served as President of the Torrance Lions Club.

Lawrence Yu, OD - Primary, Care, Low Vision, Orthokeratology, Myopia Control, etc.

Dr. Lawrence Yu is a full scope optometrist trained and licensed to provide therapeutic care, glaucoma treatment, and comprehensive eye care. His clinical experience includes adult and pediatric care, specialty contacts for people who have been told they could never wear contacts, myopia control through orthokeratology, refractive surgery, vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation and children with special needs. In addition to his strong clinical background, Dr. Yu looks forward to creating partnerships with his patients to provide excellent solutions to their vision and health problems.

Dr. Yu received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry. His clinical training included the Naval Medical Hospital in San Diego, the Center for the Partially Sighted in Culver City, and a specialty contact lens clinic in Chicago. Training at these sites provided thorough experience in ocular disease and management. Dr. Yu has received numerous awards of recognition for his work and training while in optometry school. These awards include the Alcon Excellence Award for expertise in contacts, the Eschenbach Optik Low Vision Award for expertise in low vision, the Dr. Takao Shishino Award for professionalism, and various awards for leadership and involvement in optometry.

As an Integrative Biology student at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Yu organized and volunteered at numerous vision screenings for impoverished communities in the Bay Area. He also collected donated glasses for distribution in rural communities in Guatemala. He continues to contribute back to the local community by volunteering at the annual Care Harbor/LA Free Clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Yu is very proud to provide quality eye care for those in need.

Dr. Yu’s interests and hobbies include pushing himself to bike as far as possible, capturing great photos, cooking with new ingredients and recipes, and finding the next great technological gadget.

Serving Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Los Angeles county, CA, California

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