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Optometric Vision Therapy Patient Stories and Reviews

Your Place To Find Success...

Welcome to this general catalog of Vision Therapy Success Stories. The stories below have been collected from all over the United States thanks to public submissions to our member doctors or to our public websites.

Read what many patients, teachers, and parents have written when asked "What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program?" or "How has Vision Therapy changed your life?"

Optometrists Network welcomes its visitors to send in personal accounts of their experiences with optometric vision therapy by mail or fax.. For more information on vision therapy, see Our Sites, links, or Directory.

Lazy Eye, Vision Therapy & Depth Perception
by Rachel Cooper

This woman was diagnosed with a "lazy eye" after the age of seven and told that it was "too late" to recover binocular vision. As an adult, she discovered Vision Therapy and, as a result, successfully developed normal binocular depth perception and stereoscopic vision.

Therapy Instead of Surgery
by Mrs. Hyden

A mother's account of her decision to choose therapy instead of surgery for her daughter.

My Son Graduated Vision Therapy Last Week
by Bonni Mantovani

"It has been an amazing process to see the changes in his attitude and behavior over the past six months since he began the therapy."

Binocular Vision Therapy Does Work!
by Jerald Udinsky

"Vision Therapy has immediate and worthwhile effects...For over fifteen years I went from Ophthalmologist to Optometrist, and they all discounted binocular vision therapy as being too much trouble, too costly, or too frustrating." He now advises readers to "find out for yourself".

Alternating Esotropia and Vision Therapy
by Kevin Brocker

"My behavioral optometrist has done more for me in 6 months than any other eye doctor."

Vision Therapy and Brain Tumor
by Brook

Brook had a brain tumor which caused double vision. Vision therapy was the only treatment which brought improvement.

Strabismus & Phorias
A teacher reports that the staff of a Berlin primary school has had remarkable success with dyslexic children and children with learning disabilities
by compensating for strabismus or associated phorias with prismatic eyeglasses.

Improved Reading Skills as a result of Vision Therapy
by Kari

"I've done more reading in the last three years than in my previous 34 years of total reading experience. I passed the MAT test to become a graduate student with a 4.0 grade average. I LOVE TO READ!!! I would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone who is in doubt."

Mother's Story of her son's improvements in reading, writing and sports thanks to vision therapy
by Mrs. Boxer

"When Dustin started therapy, he could not recognize any letters of the alphabet nor copy anything written down before him. Today he can copy sentences with proper spacing, read a beginner's book with assistance . . . has total recognition of both lower and upper case letters. . . no longer inverts numbers such as twelve for twenty-one, thirteen for thirty-one, etc."

Also . . . "Before vision therapy, Dustin hated any activity that dealt with a ball. Now Dusty can't get enough of ball games. You would think that he was getting the salary of a professional ball player the way he dives for it."

Special Educator Report
by Mrs. Joyce Inouye, M.A., Ed.

"Professionally and personally, I am convinced that Vision Therapy is real!"

Peter Hall
by Robyn Hall

"Vision Therapy has been a major blessing in this house. My son, Peter, has benefited so much. Peter's grades and achievements in school have gone up, up, up."

Comments on surgery vs. vision therapy
by Elizabeth Lund

Lots More Success Stories
To read more Success Stories, see our larger catalog at children-special-needs.org.

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