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Dr. Colin R. Robinson, FAAO
Member NORA, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Assoc.

584 Roosevelt Trail Windham Medical Park
Windham, Maine 04062 Tel: (207) 892-3216 EMAIL
The Office

The optometric practice known as Dr. Colin R. Robinson, P.A., O.D., was established in December 1985, in a small house renovated as an office at 726 Roosevelt Trail, Windham. In February 1991, the office expanded to 2100 sq. ft. as it moved to 824 Roosevelt Trail in Sebago Plaza. And finally, in August 2001, our office has moved to its present location in Windham Medical Park at 584 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, Maine 04062. Our new office space of 4000 sq. feet is the previous location of Lake Region Primary Care. This is a much nicer location which has very easy access and plenty of parking. Our office name also has a DBA (doing business as) of Advanced Vision Care.

The Office
The Staff

At present time, our office has a dispensary with a large selection of eyeglass frames, a modern optical laboratory, state-of-the-art examination procedures and instrumentation, a well-trained and highly experienced staff, and a very caring atmosphere.

The Staff

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