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Developmental Vision Associates, P.C Transforming Lives
Vicky J. Vandervort, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD
Will J Ferguson, O.D., FCOVD

9900 Nicholas Street, Suite 275 Omaha, NE 68114
402-493-6500 Email

The Doctors and Staff

Dr. Vandervort Dr. Vicky Johns Vandervort, FAAO, FCOVD
Dr. Vicky Johns Vandervort, FAAO, FCOVD is a Fellow in the College of Optometrist in Vision Development (FCOVD) and the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO) and is a graduate of Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Vandervort limits her practice to treatment of eye strain problems due to poor focusing skills, learning related vision disorders, pediatric vision problems, amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (eye turns).

Originally from Iowa, Dr. Vandervort earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa majoring in elementary education with a minor in early childhood development. She taught in the Lincoln, Nebraska public school system for four years. Believing that our vision is a precious gift from the Lord, Dr. Vandervort has combined her two degrees and dedicated her career to helping people of all ages maximize their potential in the classroom, workplace and their leisure activities.

Dr. Vicky is married to Dr. Robert Vandervort. They are partners in life and in business. Dr. Bob is also an optometrist, specializing in disease of the eye and rehabilitation of vision for those people who have lost their eyesight. They have an adult son, Michael, who is multiply handicapped. He is the joy of their lives! Dr. Vicky has a minor in music and enjoys conducting English handbells at their church as well as at the state and regional level at festival conferences. If you ring bells, be sure to mention it to her!

Dr. FergusonDr. Will Ferguson Dr. Will Ferguson, FCOVD, the newest doctor to join our team, received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. He states "There is a growing population of children suffering from learning-related visual disorders. It becomes difficult for these individuals to obtain information through their visual system and it puts them at a significant disadvantage when compared to their peers. Children in these situations lose one of the most powerful tools needed to be successful in life's opportunity. Developmental vision care interests me because it offers people the ability to overcome their visual inadequacies and open the door to a future full of possibility."

In his free time Dr. Will enjoys outdoor activities, attending sporting events, working on his familyıs farm near Hastings, spending time at the Harlan County Dam, and reading books.

About Our Therapists:
We have the best trained vision therapists in the region. All of our vision therapist go through extensive training with Dr. Vicky Vandervort and Dr. Will Ferguson. In addition they have all attended 125 classroom hours in Optometric Vision Therapy by world-renowned optometrist Dr. Bob Sanet in San Diego, California. All therapy is designed by and overseen by the doctor.

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!
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