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Custom Design
Add VT Content to Your Website

Updating or Making a Website


Members-only Discounts
Website Updates/Upgrades
at Buying Group Rates

Examples of Members' Websites
Members Use our Top-Ranking SEO Content
and/or Links in a 3rd Party Website -- FOR MEMBERS ONLY --

SEO VT Content and Links for Use

Fully Customized Websites

Upgrading or Creating a New Website with a 3rd Party?
Do you want to improve your existing website or are you in the process of building a new one? Maximize the success of your private practice optometric website by adding our top-ranking Vision Therapy SEO patient education and/or links (syndicated content).

Any current member of Optometrists Network has permission to use our copyrighted patient education text with or without outbound links in one 3rd-party private practice website...and many of our members already do this with great results.

Optometrists Network stands at the ready to assist your website development company in making full use of your membership benefits in your 3rd party website. See samples of members' 3rd party sites below:

Examples of websites made by the 3rd party company who offers buying group rates to Optometrists Network members. Please contact us.

Examples of Members' Websites with Other Optometry Related Companies

EyeCarePro - will integrate Optometrists Network content services upon request from either the member or Optometrists Network. Please let us know if you have or are getting EyeCarePro website and we can take it from there.

Bristol Web Design - integrates Optometrists Network VT content if the member requests/authorizes it. Please contact us when you begin work with Tom Bristol and we can take it from there.
Imatrix - Imatrix will integrate Optometrists Network SEO content services only upon direct request by the member optometrist (or optometric staff). In other words, all content or requests must come to Imatrix via the optometrist.

Imatrix tends to ask the optometrist's office to be "hands-on" and do "homework." Please contact Optometrists Network before or immediately upon signing with Imatrix, so we can provide your office with resources and information to cut down on work on your end.

Examples: Custom Websites by Other Companies - Optometrists Network has worked with many companies to optimize benefits in a member's new website. Please contact us before or immediately upon signing with a 3rd party, so we can provide your developer with resources and information that will ensure continued success and, hopefully, also cut down on work for your end.
We provide a resource area for Members and their website developers. See the resource area at Member Resources: Links and Text.

Update/Upgrade Your Website with Us

Option #1 - Same Design - No "Facelift"

For the member who wants to continue using the Optometrists Network design, the following updates can be done:

  1. update contact information for the practice(s);
  2. add links from your website to other websites;
  3. add your patient forms as printable PDF documents; and/or
  4. add unique photographs.
Please note that as of 2014, we have been assisting many of our members in transitioning to a new mobile website ("responsive design") with a 3rd party designer. If you are currently using the Optometrists Network website design, we urge you to consider options #2-3 below (special buying group discount offers).

There are several options (2-4). See below. Option #2 - New State-of-the-Art Design
-- Website Redesign/Conversion to Mobile --
Steep Discount (Buying Group Monthly Rate)

Optometrists Network still holds to its motto, "You take care of the patients. We'll take care of the Web." So, if you are using an Optometrists Network template website, it can be converted into a state-of-the-art website with:
  1. little to no effort on your end required
  2. discounted monthly fees (buying group rates - well below market rates)
  3. minimal upfront costs
  4. seamless integration of your membership services
  5. mobile "responsive" design
  6. new photos supplied and licensed by us
  7. links to your social media and/or videos
This redesign/conversion option is, without a doubt, the choice that requires the least amount of work on your end. No "homework". No meetings. No content development on your part. And - thanks to our great buying group discount - this option is extremely affordable and truly well below market rates.

If you are looking for the easiest, quickest, least expensive path to a fresh new website, give us a call to ask about this special offer. You will like what you hear. Call 877-878-9540.
See samples of option #1 websites with the buying group discount.

Option #3 - State-of-the-Art Design
-- Mobile w/ Added Content and Features --
Members-only Discounts
(Buying Group Monthly Rates)

Option #3 includes items 2-7 as listed above in Option #2), but is tailored to the member who wants to add more to a new website. Examples of additional features or content would be:
  • a blog
  • online forms
  • secure email
  • individualized design
  • addition of new pages
Option #3 would entail additional fees, but members-only group buying rate discounts still apply. Please give us a call to find out more.

Option #4 - Redesign without Group Buying Discount Our members can use our content and services with any website development company of their choice.

We call ourselves "the Switzerland of Vision Therapy." We'll work with anybody in the best interests of our members! Let us know if your web developer will be contacting us for information. See samples of members who work with 3rd party designers.

At any time of year, please telephone us at 877-878-9540 to discuss your options for updates to your website. Please note that we have a 30 days advance notice of change, transfer or cancellation policy for any account changes other than simple contact information. NOTE: DNS, nameservers or web host changes are not considered to be contact information.

Please note that during our membership renewal season every year -- the last quarter of each year -- September through December -- updates to member contact information are given first priority over requests to add links or patient forms, change DNS, etc.)

You can also see the many ways that Optometrists Network patient education content and links are used in the websites of other Members' websites.

Customized Websites
We avidly promote your practice and website, no matter who makes or hosts your website. If you are looking to make a new website that is completely unique to your practice, we stand at the ready to discuss your wants and needs and to make recommendations/referrals.

After working with so many custom website development companies over the course of many years - from solo consultants to small and medium sized firms to large privately held corporations or publicly traded U.S. companies (including multinational companies)...well, we can say we have experienced the full gamut of website choices available to an optometric practice today. If you are interested in hearing what we have learned, give Rachel Cooper a call at 877-878-9540 to discuss custom website development.

We don't make custom websites, but we know companies that do (in all price ranges)!

If you have further questions about your membership services, please call Rachel Cooper at the toll-free number at (877) 878-9540.

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Get linked into our content marketing network! Optometrists who already have websites join us for expert patient education content and internet "findability".

Site redesign at group buying rates are now available to members who are interested.

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