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Marcie Evans Stein, O.D.
This unique practice was founded by
Dr. Marcie Evans Stein's late father, Dr. Stanley Evans

111-56 76th Drive, Upper Lobby 2 Forest Hills, NY  11375
718-268-EYES (3937) email

Success Stories

My daughter Ashley was having great difficulty in the first grade. When she began vision therapy with Dr. Evans, her grades were low and her handwriting was below the standard of her age group. The teacher was so concerned that she recommended that I have Ashley¡s mental capacity tested. I knew that was not the source of the problem because when I went over her school work at home, she had no problem comprehending the information. The trouble stemmed from her writing the information on paper.

Around the same time, her gym teacher expressed concern about Ashley¡s great difficulty catching a ball and her eye to hand coordination. My stepson had been treated by Dr. Evans on previous occasions. Based on his recommendation, I started taking Ashley here once a week for Vision Therapy. She was diagnosed as having difficulty focusing her vision (lazy eye).

After about a year of therapy, Ashley¡s grades have improved to the point where she is currently on the Honor Roll. She received all A¡s and B¡s on her school work. Her handwriting has improved tremendously. Her second grade teacher is happy with her performance. Ashley has also regained her confidence regarding her physical abilities. She wants to play more sports in her spare time.

Ashley looks forward to her weekly visits because the staff makes the exercises seem like games rather than therapy. They have a very upbeat and positive attitude, which inspires and motivates my daughter.

Ashley has been helped tremendously at a very critical time in her physical and mental development.
D.H., Ashley¡s parent

Your work with my son Evan has proven invaluable. It has made the difference between success and failure in his life. He has been coming along at a slow but steady pace; there are noticeable differences in his letter and number recognition, as well as his reading skills. I feel he would not be reading at all if it were not for your diligent work with him.

Many thanks for all you do. With the help and understanding, as well as the funding from the Special Education department of our school district, I hope to see Evan meet his full potential with Vision Therapy.
L.D., Evan¡s parent

Two years ago I walked into the office with a child that, although proven to be a smart kid, had trouble grasping how to read. After an evaluation, Dr. Evans suggested Visual Therapy once a week. One year later Yehuda became an avid reader and a top student.

No parent looks forward to driving two hours once a week for therapy, but there is no bigger satisfaction for a parent to see than that his or her sacrifices have paid off. Your sessions were always pleasant for child and parents and made the therapy much easier on us. I thank you for what therapy has accomplished with my son.
Y.K., Yehuda¡s parent

When my daughter Rachel started first grade, her teacher noticed that she had a lack of concentration, trouble losing her place, and great difficulty reading. In the evening, doing homework exercises with her was almost impossible. Simple reading exercises would often take hours. After much research into the matter, I decided to see a specialist. The doctor¡s name that kept coming up time and again was that of Dr. Evans, a developmental optometrist.

From the very first session, I was able to see an improvement in Rachel¡s concentration. Within a month, her confidence level was boosted considerably, and doing her homework exercises improved significantly.

At the end of the year not only was Rachel getting straight A¡s on her report card, but she also took a liking to reading. The once unthinkable and undoable has actually become enjoyable. Rachel¡s success this school year was solely due to the great work and effort of Dr. Evans.

We have referred numerous friends and family members to Dr. Evans, all having the same great results.

My wife and I noticed that our son was having difficulty reading, spelling, and concentrating in school. As he entered second grade, these problems began to spread to his self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as a mild tendency for misbehavior in class. By the time he entered third grade, his teachers informed us of a continuing decline in his self-esteem, fewer friends, and more regular acting out in class. Since we know David to be a very bright kid, we decided to look into possible physical causes for his behavior. An Occupational Therapy evaluation by the Board of Education proved that OT services were not necessary, but that did not improve his situation.

Then we heard of the work that Dr. Evans was doing with children that had similar problems and the successes he had with such children. We had nothing to lose and so we made an appointment.

David¡s learning disability was diagnosed as stemming from the inability of his eyes to focus or converge together [convergence insufficiency]. This learning disability [learning related vision problem], without us knowing it, was the root cause of his social decline and rowdy class behavior. We were assured that this is a common problem. While it could not be completely eliminated, it could, with rehabilitation, be greatly improved. And improved it has.

Over the next ten months of weekly visits, the eye, hand and even foot exercises that David practiced greatly improved his academic, physical and social abilities. Most important was his improvement in reading. His reading level went from a second/first grade level at the beginning of the year to a fourth grade level by the end of the year. Coupled with this was his improvement in reading comprehension, spelling, and an overall increase in his level of academic performance.

Physically, David gained a great deal in tasks that require hand-eye coordination, such as writing (especially script) and sports activities. He is not as clumsy as he used to be (rarely knocking over his glass, always when it¡s filled with water, an occurrence that was once quite usual). Overall, David has greater body awareness, spatial discrimination and left-right orientation. He now knows which is left and right, north and west etc., something that he did not know at the beginning of the year. David has also increased his abilities of visual memoryébeing able to remember directions, numbers and letters more easily. He has finally mastered the multiplication table!

Finally and perhaps most importantly, David¡s increased scholastic and physical abilities have made tangible progress in his social behavior. David has displayed an increase in confidence and self-esteem, gaining him back the favor of sorely needed friends. More importantly for us, his teachers at the end of the school year informed us of his greatly improved class behavior.

We are greatly indebted to Dr. Evans. I only hope that others will have the chance to experience the joy and pleasure parents find in their child¡s newfound future.

I recently visited my son Mark, who was your patient as a six-year-old, and we reminisced about how your treatment was so significant in his early development.

We were referred because of his difficulty in learning to read, which led to a troubling behavior issue. As you will recall, he followed your Vision Therapy program to overcome his visual dysfunctions, which affected his processing of the reading material. Within a short time he mastered the assigned tasks, learned to read, and his behavior improved simultaneously.

His academic success progressed as he was able to enjoy learning, in contrast to his early negativistic reactions.

Today, Mark is a successful psychiatrist. He recalls your skill not only as a visual expert, but as an expert in child behavior modification.

Our family is grateful to you and we hope that other children will also have the same opportunities.
Proud Father

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