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Stanley A. Appelbaum
Vision Therapy & Sensory Integration Specialists
Dr. Stanley A. Appelbaum, FCOVD

Bethesda, MD and Annapolis, MD

Success Stories

Headaches plagued me for ten years. And, dealing with the onslaught of multiple (and futile) therapies has been traumatic.

Now, most notably, I am headache free without medication or invasive procedures. No promises were made by Dr. Appelbaum or his staff; none would have been believed. After three months under his care, I am impressed. The abilities of the therapists as healers are amazing.

What I find even more impressive is that they are actually teaching me to heal myself. I can only imagine where I will be in the next three months. If this time, Dr. Appelbaum were to make promises, I would double them.

I am more comfortable wearing my new glasses. I get headaches when I wear my old glasses for very long, particularly if I need to read. I believe my left eye prescription in the old glasses was made too strong by the other eye doctor.

In doing vision therapy I know my right eye still has trouble switching focus and seeing distances, but the right eye is not suppressing objects as it did before I did vision therapy. I like the feeling of relaxing my focus.

Jon is no longer confusing b's and d's. Instead of struggling to read, he is now reading for pleasure. Getting homework completed no longer involves tears and tantrums. Jon's resource teacher at school constantly comments on the rapid advancement of Jon's skills. I asked her if it could just be that Jon is getting older and more mature. She indicated it had to be the vision therapy because she has never seen a child catch up so fast. She now recommends vision therapy if parents ask what can help their child.
S.R., Jon's parent

Since beginning vision therapy, I've seen the following changes: Better balance; developed left hand preference where I had none before; improved attention span; better eye contact; more aware of what is below me; stopped eye squinting (only when tired and/or sick); more observant of environment.

Tommy says he can see better now. The sentences don't run together when he reads, and he no longer sees double. He just had his first perfect score on a spelling test.
S.C., Tommy's parent

Phoebe reports that she is able to track moving objects much better, such as cars when we are driving; she is able to read much better because when she comes to the end of a line she can find her place on the next line; in general, she is able to see much better.

I have noticed that she reads more fluently and seems more sure of herself in general.
N.H., Phoebe's parent

Elissa has improved depth perception at both near and distance. Her eyes appear to be in good alignment. She no longer complains of double vision or headaches on a regular basis.
Toby R., Elissa's parent

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